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Shedding Information for Dogs

What Causes Dog Shedding and Why do they shed

So many breeds develop shedding and hair loss. Dog shedding is not new and it is far from over. Every dog owner is conscious that the shedding of hair varies depending on the breed. Like human beings, dogs have hair problems too. But since they are animals, people have the direct accountability to troubleshoot this setback and dogs cannot and they never will deal with this dilemma alone. Although dog shedding may happen naturally, there are still instances wherein it is an immense crisis both for the dog and its owner. Once the dog is shedding hair, it is now time to look at the all- around wellbeing of this K9. Is the dog eating healthy? Is it drinking lots of water to keep it hydrated? Does it have the appetite to take in meals regularly?

factors that can contribute to dog's shedding and hair loss

Did it undergo any activity through out the day or week that made it stressed? Is the dog owner taking good care of his pet dog? Does the dog have its regular check-ups with the vet? Well, these are important questions a dog owner has to ask in order to know the root cause of the dog shedding. Dogs may also have an increase or excessive amount of shedding hair due to skin infections, allergies and total infections. It is important to see the veterinarian immediately to find out the cause of the hair loss and know the treatment to stop the excessive dog shedding.

See, the inner health of the dog can be detected when it is shedding hair. That is inside the dog's body but what about its environment? What surround the dog may influence its hair loss too. The variation of temperature, the changing of seasons, amount of moisture in the air, dust particles and the abrupt alteration in climatic condition can play a part to make numerous amount of shedding hair. Because of the dog's environment, the physical condition of their hair can be affected. Once the hair is damaged or brittle enough, the closest tendency is for it to fall out. Right about the time that the weather begins to warm up, the shedding begins. In this period, dogs go through an extended shedding phase of hair growth or exogen. Warmer weather jogs a reaction in the dog's system; this causes the hair follicles to create a heavier coat in preparation for the winter. That is too much dog shedding.

Among the most important things a dog owner can do for their dogs is to help them maintain a healthy coat and good health. And that is by proper grooming. If not rightfully done, dogs can attain further problems of shedding hair. Grooming is important, not only to help remove the shed hair including other particles resting on the coat, but it also establishes a time for bonding between the dogs and their masters. It also allows the pet owner to see if there are any discreet problems with its skin or coat. The routine of grooming must be regular. The tools going to be used and the products that go into the dog's coat must be perfect so that further dogs shedding can be prevented.


nutrition helps with dog shedding problems


Dog Shedding is a natural way of a dog's body to defend itself. Whether it is a Poodle which coat drops off slightly or a Labrador Retriever that has a coat that sheds all year long, keep in mind that this process helps in maintaining healthy skin and coat. It also keeps them protected from harmful contaminants.

Treating and Preventing Dogs Hair Loss

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