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Breeds That Have Dog Shedding and Hair Loss

What Types of Dogs Shed. In reality, there is not a single breed of K9s that does not undergo dog shedding. All dogs shed their hair off to some point and even those dogs believed with no shed, in actual, do shed hair. Here are some dog breeds that shed loads of hair. First to take the spot is the Siberian husky. It somehow resembles a wolf. It is the type of dog that is meant to stand the cruel weather situations in the Polar Regions. These dogs posses a dense outer coat and an inner coat that is silky soft. During the warmer months like summer or spring, the Siberian husky's undercoat will begin shedding in clumps. While there is no way to prevent dog shedding, it will help the dog to shed faster if its undercoat is brushed daily. Performing regular bathing schedule can only add up in loosening of the undercoat that is why more dog shedding take place.

How to Stop Dogs Shedding

Dog shedding can be overwhelming to dog owners and is unfortunately, one of the most common reasons these dogs are given up to shelters. Next is the Pug. It may be small but this breed surely experiences the course of dog shedding all the years of its life. Though this dog has gained its worldwide popularity because of its hilarious and friendly qualities, the pug also shed every day and at the same rate all year long. The little spiky hair sticks to furniture and garments and are difficult to remove even with a lint roller. Abundant dog shedding is the main reason why many pugs end up in animal shelters.

Another dog breed that shed too much is the Great Pyrenees. They are known to be the most ideal children's dog for their loyal nature. This kind of breed was originally meant to guard farm animals. They are known for its coat-shedding pattern where they will shed twice a year, leaving clumps of their coat everywhere. Pet owners carry out endless combing but the fur persists to fall out as they try to stop dog sheding. They fashion heavy and full coats during the colder months and will lose most of it by the beginning of summer. Whatever is left of its fur will stay close to the body in preparation of re-growth. Their shedding is tremendous and is one of the biggest concerns that potential owners should consider before getting this breed for a pet.

Beagle is yet another popular dog breed, not only as a pet but also as a dog shedding machine. It is a family dog recognized by its love for children. It offers a happy personality from the small to medium sized dogs. But, the major disadvantage to the Beagle is their liberal shedding all throughout the year. Beagles are known for their double coats that seem to shed simultaneously. This dog shedding is at its heaviest in the fall and spring. However, small hairs are constantly shed throughout the year. To most owners, brushing will help at some point. Responsibility is needed in order for a pet owner to keep these dogs and not sending them to dog shelters. Not because they do shed a lot and give problems, it is not enough reason to put them away. Why not try to use products that can help minimize or even prevent the excessive dog shedding? If a person is a real dog lover, he or she should take a stand to take care of these pets until the last fur of their dog fall.

Treatments for Dog Shedding and Hair Loss

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