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Naturally Treating Seizures in Dogs

A dog seizure can come at any time and when it does the effects are scary to watch and damaging to the dog. Many dog owners unfortunately will experience this episode in their dog at some point in the lifespan of their pet. Dog Seizures do have warning signs and sometimes can be predicted, so there are symptoms to look out for. A seizure is a sudden reaction from the brain that causes involuntary movements. This may include weakness, numbness, twitching, and possible paralysis. There are two forms one more minor, "Petit mal" and major "Grand mal". Dog seizures are linked to epilepsy but can manifest from other areas as well.


Treatment of Dog Seizures is very easy with the help of some specific medicines. Though these types of treatments are effective, still there are some side effects of such treatments, so to prevent your pet from such kind of side effects of pharmaceutical medicine there is another way of treatment you can opt and that is natural treatment. Natural ways of treating seizures in dogs are very easy and you can do them at your place. We will see how dog seizure treatments can be managed with diet and proper supplements.


Natural Diet and Supplements Help Seizures in Dogs


Diet is very important to your dog. An unhealthy one starts the process for poor health. Foods that are full on unnatural products such as filler, by products, processed ingredients, colors, etc can be a contributing factor to seizures in dogs. Instead opt for the diet or foods that are more natural or home made. There are more brands now available with a more natural recipe for dogs and you can check with your vet for suggestions.


Vitamins and supplements


The importance of the immune system having the best chance at health and its wellness is also important in combating seizures in dogs. There is so much at comes in contact internally and externally with a dog that vitamins and supplements are the best and most natural way to protect a dog's immune system. Vitamins and supplements working together are a great benefit against dog seizures or any other health concerns. Vitamin C, E and B6 are good for dog and helps in avoiding seizures in dogs. Start with 500mg of vitamin C two times per day, 400mg of E and 50mg of B6 for a 50-lb. half the dosage if dog weighs 25 pounds. Vitamin C is great for immune system maintenance. It is known as having the least toxicity when it comes to vitamins.


Vet services


Regular exams and visits to the veterinarian are necessary for a dog's health. This advocate for dogs is also a good source of information on the best ways to make your dog's life as optimal as possible and preventing seizures in dogs. They have great advice as to natural ways to keep your dog happy and health with the least risk to them.


Some triggers to avoid around your dog:


 Toxic flea products

 Hair spray

 Cigarette smoke

 Plastic bowls

 Carpet powders

 Cheap painted toys

 Blinking lights


Get your dog lots of time outside or recreationally. The more exercise the better as it helps with muscle function, development and all around health. A body that is in good condition will help with digestion and perform better. It is one of the most beneficial and proactive way to avoid dog seizures.

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