The Best Way to Clear Dog Mange and Scabies - Guaranteed!

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Dog Mange COMPLETE Healing Kit
  • #1 Rated Choice to Clear Mange, Scabies, & Parasites
  • Only Shampoo with Zinc-PCA | 10X More Effective Than Other Shampoos
  • Effective Against All Stages of Infestation
  • Sooths Constant Scratching, Biting, and Pain Immediately
  • Proven To Work Or Your Money Back

    Is your dog suffering from mange? As pet lovers we know that nothing is worse than the pain and discomfort of mange and mite infestations. We're here to help with our proven and trusted Mange Healing Kit which has been used successfully over the years by thousand of other pet owners!



    The Mange Complete Healing Kit is the only solution that clears mange and then keeps it from returning!


    The Kit Includes:


    1. RenuPlex Extra Strength Medicated & Healing Shampoo

    2. RenuPlex Extra Strength Healing Spray

    3. SkinPlex Plus Healing Enzyme Supplement


    RenuPlex Extra Strength Medicated Dog Shampoo is formulated with all natural Zinc-PCA and numerous Healing Essential Oils to help clear mange on contact and destroy mites safely. As the zinc-pca and essential oils work to stop the mites, Colloidal Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Silk Amino Acids, Calendula Flower Extract, Jojoba Oil, and a host of other proven ingredients will provide immediate soothing and healing relief to your dog.


    RenuPlex Extra Strength Healing Spray is formulated with many of the same ingredients as the shampoo and is used in-between baths to provide lasting healing and soothing benefits as your dog's damaged skin and coat recover.


    SkinPlex Plus is used to keep mange from returning. Since mange severely damages the skin's ability to protect itself against mites returning, it is important to repair the skin's immune system. SkinPlex provides your dog with enzyme based nutrients needed to repair the skin's immune system. Without this, mange and other chronic skin problems will likely continue. SkinPlex is an all natural and simply sprinkled directly onto your dog's food.


    The reason our kit has been so successful for so many pet owners is because it not only eliminates the mange, it also (and perhaps most importantly) helps to repair the skin's immune system responsible for protecting against further mange infestations.


    money back guarantee



    Customer Testimonials

"We had really great results with your products treating our dogs sarcoptic mange. We tried dips and prescription medication but we could not completely clear out the mange. Been using skinplex and renuplex now for about a month and we are very happy with the results. We highly recommend these products to others looking for a mange treatment. Thanks again, Herb and Nancy,Arlington, VA.
"Our Yellow Lab had such a terrible case of mites & sarcoptic mange all over her belly and legs. It was got so bad that she was actually bleeding all over from scratching and biting so much. She also could not sleep because of all the pain. We tried another shampoo that had great claims but it did not help us much, and the mange would never heal completely and within a week come back. We should have known the shampoo they sold us would not work when their web site suggested we buy a combo pack with 3 shampoos! Anyway we found your mange kit and saw such a big difference the first day we tried it. We continued with the spray once a day and used SkinPlex and sure enough she cleared up completely and her coat has never looked so good. We just wanted to say thanks for all your help, after a lot of reading we are certain the Skinplex Enzymes made sure that the mites not yet hatched would not survive and come back. Again thank you! ".......Gloria, Cuyahoga Falls OH.
"Hello, we had to let you know how great your Healing Kit worked to clear the mange & mites our Boxer somehow developed. Our veterinarian prescribed a medicated shampoo and steroids. While there was some relief, the mange would not completely clear and got worse over time. We then tried other shampoos and supplements but nothing would completely remove the mites and mange. We then were told about your products by our groomer and we tried them. Within 3 days we way such an improvement better than we ever saw before, and a few days later the mites and scabies were all gone We continued to use the spray and Skinplex for a while longer to make sure no eggs would return. He has been mange free now for over a month and we just love your shampoo! You have a reference here!!"..... Jim and Mary, Rio Rancho.
"Wonderful results!"..... Lee, VA
"We used RenuPlex on our 5 year old Jack Russell who came down with the worst case of mites and mange and it worked so well, we wanted to say thanks you. After the first bath he was in a lot less pain, and by the 2nd week he was cured. We used 2 bottles of the shampoo and the enzymes and will continue to use your products. "..... Dee and Ron, Auburn, MA
"RenuPlex Extra Strength literally saved my Beagle. Our dog ran way and came back 2 weeks later with terrible sarcoptic mange and flea infestations. We looked all over for mange in dogs treatments and tried various shampoos claiming to work but they were ineffective and provided minimal relief at best. As the condition worsened we visited a Holistic Veterinarian and they immediately had us use Renuplex and the condition began to clear right away! Not only is the mange gone, but his coat is shinny and dander free! We love your products and recommend them to anyone going through a hard time with their dog! .... Tracy, Albany, NY.
"After wasting over $75 on another shampoo with Anise Oil as the active ingredient we had amazing results with Skinplex and Renuplex. Within a few days the spray and shampoo completely knocked out all of the demodectic mange our dog had developed. Thank you for all your help and the great products! ....." Melinda, Little Rock
"Worked very well. Skin irritation cleared up quickly!....." Thomas, UK


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how to treat dry itchy dogs skin best way with medicated shampoo
List Price $87.00
Our Price $49.99
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Add to Cart itchy dog treatments Ingredients / Usage
how to treat dry itchy dogs skin best way with medicated shampoo
List Price $87.00
Our Price $49.99
Your Save $37
Add to Cart itchy dog treatments Ingredients / Usage
how to treat dry itchy dogs skin best way with medicated shampoo
List Price $87.00
Our Price $49.99
Your Save $37
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End Sarcoptic and Demodectic Mange, Scabies Mites, and Lice


More Feedback
  • Renuplex Extra Strength cleared up a pretty bad case of demodectic mange our Shepherd developed. We did not want to use a medicated dog shampoo from the veterinarian as we have heard about so many side effects of the chemicals in them. We could not be more satisfied and pleased with the results of your shampoo and spray.
    Ken and Sandy, Quebec.
  • Thank you so much for your Healing Spray! We tried 3 other products claiming to be natural and effective at treating sarcoptic mange but the mange kept coming back. Between your shampoo spray our dog was mange and mite free in 3 days! He's feeling so much better and the pain from the itching has gone away. A+ products!
    Connie, Los Angeles, CA
  • Your Dog Mange Healing Kit is awesome and work so good! We were dealing with dog mites and mange on our dog and it was getting bad and nothing would seem to treat it. After 2 weeks it got so bad she had terrible bald spots and open sores. Your kit cleared up the mange in a week and it has not come back since. Just wanted to say thanks!
    Lynn, Clearwater, FL
  • Our Russian Terrier had a bad skin infection which we found out to be dog mites and mange, We are happy to say that after 3 treatments with your shampoo the mange and mites are gone and he is doing great! We love using natural products!
    Mary, Florence, OR
  • We had such a bad case of sarcoptic mange in dogs on our Husky and the mites kept coming back and causing him a lot of pain. We used Renuplex extra strength and it worked so nice; we just had to say thanks.
    Amy, Toronto




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Caring for pets is what we do! You can rest assured that our products will work great against dog mange, dog mites, and scabies! We look forward to helping you to!

Thanks to everyone who submitted before and after pictures of your dog mange success stories! We appreciate your business and love reading your stories! Thanks again.