The #1 Treatment to End Constant Itching, Scratching & Dry Skin Problems - Guaranteed!

itchy dog and dry skin treatments that are all natural
RenuPlex Complete Healing Kit PLUS
  • Heals and Moisturizes Severe Dry Itchy Skin!
  • Provides Lasting & Permanent Relief | Guaranteed & Proven Results
  • The ONLY 100% Aloe Vera & Oatmeal based Dog Shampoo
  • - ph balanced just for dogs.

    Did you know that most dog skin problems, such as dry and itchy skin, are the result of skin allergies and zinc deficiencies?

    SkinPlex PLUS heals dog skin problems & skin allergies permanently and puts an end to severe itching, scratching, and skin chronic skin infections.

    RenuPlex Medicated Dog Shampoo & Conditioner moisturize and heal damaged dog dry skin with Colloidal Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Zinc-PCA (a special from of zinc that is a vital mineral required for skin and coat health, and deficient in most dogs over the age of 1). RenuPlex also contains a host of wonderful moisturizing and healing ingredients to include: Colloidal Oatmeal, Jojoba Oil, Key Essential Oils, Silk Proteins, Vitamin B, and a host of other great ingredients!

    Between SkinPlex and RenuPlex you will have a healthy & beautiful dog for years to come!

"Our Labrador scratched himself bald and actually developed skin sores and an infection on his back legs and belly. The veterinarian put him on antibiotics and steroids throughout the summer , but they did not work. We learned about Skinplex and Renuplex from a local humane society and after 2 weeks we noticed such a big improvement. By the end of the 3rd week the sores were just about all healed and we was not biting and scratching. It has made such a big difference for us knowing he is not in pain! Thank you so much for the wonderful products, they're great and we use Skinplex and Renuplex all the time!"....... Karen, Seattle, WA
"We adopted Max a few weeks back and from the day he came home he would itch and scratch himself so bad, sometimes all night. We tried a few fairly expensive product from Petsmart, but other than smelling good they did not work at all. Found you Renuplex Complete Healing Kit and it has done an amazing job. Max has not been scratching or biting and his coat looks wonderful. In fact we had him groomed and the groomer wanted to know what we were using. We highly recommend for anyone with an itchy dog, or a with a skin allergy......" Amanda, San Diego, CA.
"SkinPlex and RenuPlex products are by far the most effective solutions I've used in my practice to help treat severe skin conditions and itching. They treat the problem at the source, and have helped us treat many skin irritations to include dry itchy skin, poor coat quality, hot spots, eczema, and atopic dermatitis. I avoid treating with steroids or dog skin allergy medications, and use these products which are safer and more effective. I recommend them to pet owners and pet car professionals. ... Dr. Julius, DVM.
We had great success with your kit on our Poodle who had bad hot spots and dry itchy patches on her belly and ears. The enzymes have done nicely and we love the shampoo. Adrian, Portland,
"After spending over $700 on medications and other treatments we tried SkinPlex and finally our Cocker Spaniel's constant scratching and skin infections have healed up. In fact, she is looking better than ever and her shedding has also reduced so much. We also love the shampoo, it smells so nice! It is so nice to use safe pet products!....." Lynn O., Galveston, TX.
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List Price $87.00
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RenuPLEX Mini Kit
  • Includes RenuPLEX Dog Shampoo & SkinPlex Enzymes PLUS
  • Treats dog skin problems both internally & externally
This is a great kit for those not needing to treat the skin problem in between baths. If the skin condition is severe, we recommend using the complete kit above as RenuPlex Spray provides healing and moisturizing properties in-between baths, while SkinPlex Enzymes is providing its healing results.
The RenuPlex kit does a great job on our 3 dogs. It brought back a shine to their hair like they were were puppies again! The leave in conditioner does a great job at preventing itching and scratching and keeps them from smelling. We just love this oatmeal dog shampoo with aloe and zinc; it does everything our vet told us it would". ... Susana, Hernando Mississippi.
Your stuff is the best! Our 5 year old Terrier was itching all the time and developing skin allergies of some sort. Got so bad her hair started falling out and she could not get comfortable. After the first bath with RenuPlex she was itching much less and smelled great!! At the same time we were giving her Skinplex once a day and all of her skin problems cleared up in about 2 weeks time. If anyone else is wondering how to treat dog skin problems, use this shampoo and enzymes kit, it worked great for us! Anna & Tom O." .......Nebraska.


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Ending Dry Dog Skin Once and For All - Itch Remedies:
Actual Customer Results!


  • Thank you so much for your wonderful products - they are a life saver. Our Jack Russell Terrier had just horrible skin problems and eczema dry itchy skin irritations. We tried so many so called medicated dog shampoo products but none of them had any affect long term. Our Terrier's skin and coat have never looked better and no more dry dogs skin. And his coats shine and smell is awesome after a bath! Never mind it being a medicated dogs shampoo, it is the best shampoo if you want a good looking good that smells good. In fact our Kennel is now using it in their pet grooming business.
    Kristen M. Fairfield, KY
  • We easily wasted over $500 on ineffective products claiming to end dog dandruff and scratching. Nothing worked long term until we started using Skin Plex Enzymes PLUS and Medicated Shampoo with Zinc for dog itchy skin. The Medicated Dog Shampoo leaves such a wonderful shine and the smell is great. I think we have finally found a cure for our Beagles Dandruff. We will not waste our money on anything else. PS – our neighbors used Renuplex on their sarcoptic mange, and it cleared completely in 2 weeks (they owe us a dinner for suggesting you to them!!).
    Debbie and Jason O. - Columbia, SC
  • We just wanted to say thank you for your SkinPlex Enzymes and RenuPlex Shampoo. They have helped out our poodle so much with her hot spots and paw licking. Your customer service was so awesome answering all of our questions and recommending the best treatments. You've got customers for life with us. Thanks again!........
    Kathy, Fernley Nevada.
  • Wow is all I can say. I wasted so much money trying to treat our pets itching and scratching. She had a bad skin condition and I was determined not to use steroids. I read about your zinc medicated shampoo for dogs and Skinplex Enzymes and I could not believe how quickly she improved. You really made a difference for my dog!....
    Susi, Albany, NY
  • After 2 weeks SkinPLEX did such a wonderful job to stop all of the itching, scratching and dog dandruff. Just a wonderful product! Thank you so much.
    Sandra, Worcester, MA
  • SkinPlex was recommended to us by our Veterinarians office to help clear up akin problems as a result of a yeast infection. Can't tell you how happy we are with the results! Really a great product! .....
    Andrew, Hudson OH
  • We used the Complete kit to treat our German Shepherds Sacroptic Mange and it worked simply amazing. He actually had skin irritations so bad that his hair had fallen out and would not grow back. Well all the dogs skin problems are gone using SkinPlex Enzymes and RenuPlex. And best of all his hair actually has grown back. I can not even describe how good the kit worked and how happy we are.
    Gail, Carmichael, CA
  • You can not find better shampoos and enzymes for healing dog skin problems that RenuPlex & SkinPlex. It has helped us with severe itchy dry skin, hot spots, mange, and so many other issues we see at the shelter. Evolution Pets is simply a great company that loves helping dogs. Wonderful customer support. We trust them with and use only their products..."
    APR Shelter
  • Skinplex has worked so well for us, we had to say thanks. Our dogs skin problems cleared up in 3 weeks since using Skinplex. No more steroids!
    Pat, San Francisco
  • SkinPlex Enzymes has worked so good on our Shih Tzu's dry dog skin. She was always scratching and had a dull coat before we started using SkinPlex, now she is not scratching and her coat looks really, really great. This is great stuff. thanks Evolution Pets!......."
    Beatrice, Flint MI
  • We started our dog on Skinplex to help with general "itchy dog" problems and bad shedding. Happy to say the results have been just super and we could not be happier. You have a great product!
    Len, Boston MA
  • By far the best product to help treat dry, itchy skin and more severe skin problems. We run a grooming business and are always being asked for the best treatments for these types of issues. We now recommend on, and so far 100% of our clients that we've refereed have been very pleased We also love your new shampoos for smell and shine. nice job!....
    Ken, Pets Pals




  • Additional information on skin related conditions and how zinc-pca helps to treat all types of problems on the skin..
  • Jojoba Oil is an ingredient in all of our shampoos and has great moisturizing and healing qualities .
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SkinPlex PLUS Enzymes & Nutrients
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RenuPlex Shampoo & Silk Protein Leave-In Conditioner Healing Spray dog skin problem treatments

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The Perfect Compliment for Healthy Skin!

The Only Omega Oil with CoQ10! how to cure an itchy dog

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Helps Heal Severe Skin Conditions - 100% Pure Emu Oil with Vitamins Emu Oil for Dogs

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RenuPlex Medicated Dog Shampoo treating dogs itchy skin problems
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RenuPlex Silk Protein Conditioner Spray

RenuPlex Medicated Dog Shampoo
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RenuPlex Severe Skin Healing Cream

Great for Isolated Dry Spots or Infections

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LifeSpan Systemic Enzyme

Arthritis Supplement aloe vera treatment for paws
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RenuPlex Healing Cream

Caring for pets is what we do! You can rest assured that our products will work great. Thousands of pet owners have successfully cured dogs dry skin, and a host of other skin related issues by using our products! Thanks for visiting us, we look forward to helping you to!

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May is Pet Cancer Awareness Month, be sure to have your pet tested. According to Pet Cancer Awareness,, over 80% of pet owners know little about animal cancer. Visit PCA to learn ad better understand how to test and protect your dog from cancer.


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Caring for canines is what we do! You can rest assured that our products will work great. If you experience itchy dog skin try our scratch reliving shampoos and lotions. Did you know that over 1600 pet owners re-order SkinPlex to keep their dogs skin problems under control.


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What is Dog Dry Skin

Skin problems, such as itching, dryness, and flaking can result from various reasons. Some reasons include: using a low quality shampoo, stress, cold weather, genetics, and age. Immune system issues can also result in dry and itching skin.


Remedies, Treatments, and Symptoms of Dry Skin on Dogs

Symptoms include the obvious scratching, licking, and flaking. Other signs include restless sleep, shedding, bald spots, and foul odors as a result of skin infections. RenuPlex Shampoos and SkinPlex Digestive Enzymes do a great job helping to treat and end dry skin. They are designed to treat the skin both internally and externally to keep it from returning.