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Dog Hot Spot Complete Healing Kit - Best Seller
  • Quick Relief in 3 Days!
  • Clears Hot Spots, Dermatitis, Skin Infections, & Bacteria
  • Eliminates Odors, Balding, & Infections associated with Hot Spots

    Hot Spots are a very common canine skin condition which will worsen quickly if not treated properly.


    DermaMax Advanced Healing Cream and RenuPlex Medicated Shampoo will quickly heal and clear hot spots; and unlike harsher treatments, they are safe and effective! They also contain a special form a zinc – Zinc PCA that has amazing healing properties.


    As DermaMax and RenuPlex heal the hot spots, SkinPlex works build up your dogs' ability to guard against hot spots from returning. In fact many pets owners who were using steroids and other medications with limited success, saw great success with SkinPlex.


    Our Dog Hot Spot Complete Healing Kit has helped tens of thousands of pet owners, and it can help you as well! Try it now, if you're not 100% satisfied we offer a full, risk free refund!


    Over 6,500 satisfied pet owners! | RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED!


    Includes RenuPlex Medicated Dog Shampoo, DermaMAX Healing Cream, and SkinPlex PLUS Healing Enzymes


    See What Others are Saying:

"Your Dog Hot Spot Healing kit worked just as promised. Our Golden Retriever developed a bad area of hot spots while at the Kennel and we wasted so much money on products that did not work. Your kit worked great and we saw results in the first week. We still use Skinplex as it does just an amazing job keeping his coat healthy and shinny Thanks so much".... Sheila J. Seattle.
" We tried so many shampoos and dips and were not satisfied with any of the results for our 7 year old Papillon who had really bad skin problems. Your kit worked so great and no skin infections have returned! Wonderful products..." ..... Johnny, Athens, GA.
" Our Bulldog was scratching all the time and had developed hot spots on her front paws and around her nose. We tried steroids but they did more harm than good. Finally we tried your products and they did the trick. The hot spots quickly cleared up and the scratching was gone. So nice not having to put a cone around her neck to keep her from licking. Thanks so much, we love your stuff and recommend it!....." David and Beth....... Vancouver, BC.
" We called Evolutionsupply and explained our problem and they recommended Skinplex and DermaMax and finally our St. Bernard had no more dog hot spots, and we no longer were paying crazy vet bills! We also use their Lifespan salmon oil;only one we can find with CoQ10 for older dogs. "..... Pat, Lawton, Oklahoma.
" Our Cocker Spaniel had a bad hot spot and what we think was an infestation of mites or scabies and your cream, shampoo, and enzymes did such a wonderful job clearing up the hot spots. I about a weeks time the itching and scratching stopped and soon after the hot spot was healed. We also just love the shampoo, is smells so nice and never dries out her coat. Thank you so much, Marilyn and Bob P. Salmon, Idaho.
" Thank you so much for the great products. Our two dogs developed hot spots at the same time. We tried many sprays, shampoos, and dips from the pet store but nothing worked. Your cream and shampoo worked immediately and the hot spots have not returned. We also use Skinplex and love how it has shined up their coats! Wonderful products, 5 stars! Thanks so much." Mark and Robin, Tyler, TX
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Hot Spot Mini Healing Kit
  • DermaMax Cream treats the outer skin surface; and SkinPlex Enzymes heal internally for a permanent cure!
This is a great kit for isolated hot spots where all over treatment is not needed. Includes DermaMAX Healing Cream and SkinPlex PLUS Enzymes
" We have tried so many products and nothing worked until we used DermaMax and SkinPlex. After 3-weeks our Labrador was completely hot spot free.."..... Brandon, Covina, CA.
" Our Norwegian Elkhound had terrible acute moist dermatitis in and around her ears. We paid a lot of money for Prednisone and steroids, skin allergy pills and nothing would cure it. Finally we read an article about your products on a dog rescue site and tried them. Lucy has been hot spot free for over 6 months now, thank you! "..... Penny Hawthorne, NY


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3 - 4 month supply

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RenuPlex and SkinPlex Success Stories for Treating Skin Problems


  • ".....Can't thank you enough for the great products you have. SkinPlex and DermaMax did such a wonderful job for us. It is by far the best dog hot spot treatment we used - and we have tried many!! Nothing better than an all natural product, they work the best!..." Janet L., California
  • "..........We have a Beagle who developed just terrible hot spots and infections all over her belly and back legs. We tried steroids from the veterinarian but had only some success. A friend put us on to Skinplex and it worked wonders at clearing up the infection and skin sores. We also noticed a big improvement in her hairs look and feel. It has such a nice shine to it now and so far no more skin infections. Thanks again, Jeff O.............." Houston, TX
  • "........Cleared up the hot spots and eczema in 2 weeks. Best product we ever used and recommend to all!!........" Kerry and Charlie, WI.
  • "......Dermamax Cream was the perfect remedy for our Golden Retrievers hot spot infection on his legs and hind quarters. Within a week we noticed a big improvement and within 2 weeks the condition was cleared. We also love your Renuplex shampoo, it smells so nice and does a great job keeping our dogs coat healthy looking........" Jessie and Brad, Cleveland OH.

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    What are Hot Spots and What are the Causes?

  • Acute Moist Dermatitis, or sometimes referred to as Hot Spots can be caused by a number of factors, the most common being bacteria build up and dead skin growth on the outer skin layer which then causes infections and hot spots. Adding to this, pets lacking proper levels of zinc in their skin as more prone these skin problems. The hot spots is typically painful and accompanies shedding, open sores, and an area where your dog will lick and scratch excessively. These skin irritations can occur on most parts of the body, although typically they appear on the belly, legs, ears, and around the paws. They can also spread quickly to other areas. Specific breeds with thick hair coats often experience dermatitis and hot spots when shedding begins and the dead hair builds up causing these skin infections. Dirty and matted coats can also lead to infections. Additionally skin parasites such as scabies, mites and fleas can cause skin damage which leads to canine hot spots. Lastly, some dogs have genetic conditions such as weak immune systems which will cause sometimes constant skin problems and moist dermatitis.

  • Treatments

  • The first step in clearing the irritation is to make sure the coat and skin are clean and free from build up, bacteria, or dead skin that can lead to further spreading on the skin. Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, such as RenuPlex Medicated Shampoo works to clean and heal the skin while at the same time moisturizing and repairing it. We also recommend DermaMax Healing Cream which is designed to eliminate infection growth and repair damaged skin. Lastly, SkinPlex Enzymes will strengthen and repair damaged skin cells and membranes and boost the dog's immune system which is responsible for protecting against a hot spot. If you have a thick haired pet it may be necessary to trim back some of the hair to get to the infected area. So many other pet owners use the products with great success. All of our products are natural and safe for your dog! Results are guaranteed - finally a safe and proven remedy for canine dermatitis!

    A few things to remember: If the condition worsens take your pet to the veterinarian as the problem may be more than hot-spots. Also, in humid areas always dry your dog well to avoid damp areas laying on the dog's skin for large amounts of time. If your dog is constantly licking and biting the infected skin area be sure to use a bitenot collar to keep them from further spreading the damage on the skin.

  • For detailed information on our products, refer to hot spot healing kit product descriptions of the complete skin healing kits. If you would like to submit a testimonial please send to info@evolutionsupply.com!



DermaMAX Advanced Healing Cream fleas, ticks and mites can cause acute moist dermatitis in dogs
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Helps Heal Severe Skin Conditions - 100% Pure Emu Oil with Vitamins how to cure an itchy dog

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RenuPlex Medicated Dog Shampoo renuplex medicated dog shampoo
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SkinPlex PLUS Enzymes & Nutrients skinplex digestive enzymes for hot spots
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Newfoundlands are prone to develop hot spots
anal gland infections can lead to a dog hot spot and scratching of the skin

RenuPlex Silk Protein Conditioner Spray

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LifeSpan Salmon Oil

The Only Omega Oil with CoQ10! salmon oil and omega 3 help treat skin infections

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What are Dog Hot Spots? A hot spot is a small, and often sore skin condition that is also called acute dermatitis. These spots will cause your dog to lick and scratch the area and can become very severe and painful if not treated. They can occur on just about all areas.


Treatments, Remedies and Symptoms of Hot Spots


Constant itching, scratching, and balding, and sometimes bleeding are all signs of a hot spot. The spot itself is usually round and increases in size over time. SkinPlex and Renuplex are great treatment options and typically clear and keep the hot spot from returning. It is also a good idea to provide your dog with a good pet food to insure that their immune system stays strong.


Skin Problems are so common especially today with all the chemicals present. Yeast Infection, to Hot Spots on dogs, to dry skin, is easily treated by stopping bacteria growth on the skins surface; as well as building up the skins health internally with SkinPlex Enzymes! Hot spots on dogs are a thing of the past with DermaMax and SkinPlex!