The #1 Option to Relieve Dog Arthritis Pain | Helps Reduce Pain Caused By Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

dog arthritis treatment for hip pain
The Only Complete Solution to Relieve Dog Arthritis & Pain

The 2 Tired Miracle Answer to:


  • Dog Arthritis Pain
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Weak Back Legs
  • Trouble Walking & Climbing


LifeSpan Systemic Enzymes:


Dog Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, and a lack of mobility will continue to worsen as inflammation and fibrin deposits around your dog's joints continue to increase. Systemic Enzymes are the latest proven choice to end pain, reduce swelling and and increase mobility by breaking up the fibrin deposits around dog's joints and muscles. At the same time they help to rebalance the production of Synovial Fluid which is vital for the lubrication of joints.


LifeSpan also helps counter degeneration of cartridge and slow down the normal aging process with the same Living Enzymes currently produced in a dog's body. In fact many Working Dogs for the Blind, who are required to walk and work continuous hours every day use LifeSpan as their main supplement.


LifeSpan Liquid Glucosamine, MSM, & Chondroitin!


Our Dog Arthritis Kit is the only choice that also Includes a Propriety Blend of Liquid Glucosamine, MSM, & Chondroitin which has been shown to be 5X more effective than tablet form! As the Systemic Enzymes work at the cellular level to fight pain, LifeSpan Liquid helps to rebuild damaged cartridge, lubricate joints, and reduce canine osteoarthritis.


Numerous studies point to the fact that the benefits of liquid Glucosamine, MSM, & Chondroitin are much more effective than tablet, or pill form. Liquid forms have almost a 98% absorption rate, as compared to tablets and pills which have an absorption rate below 15%. Adding to this, the liquid form provides continual and constant support to the joints, where tablet and pill form have been shown to provide varying levels due to the low absorption rates.


Only LifeSpan provides complete support needed to defend against dog arthritis pain with both Systemic Enzyme and Liquid Glucosamine Support! Help your dog and give them what owners of professional working dogs use - the complete protection of LifeSpan Dog Arthritis Treatment.


Complete Systemic Enzyme and Liquid Glucosamine Care to help:

  • Improve Your Dog's Ability to Walk, Run, & Climb Stairs
  • Stop Weak Back Legs and Falling
  • Reduce Chronic Pain and Discomfort
  • Improve Mood, Playfulness, and Agility

Our guarantee is unconditional; if LifeSpan does not work, we will refund your money.


"After doing so much research it became apparent to us that enzyme therapy is one of the best dog arthritis treatment options. We've now been using Lifespan for 3 months and both of our dogs are doing so much better! We had to carry our older dog outside to go to the bathroom and he yelped often when he tried to move. After a few weeks on Lifespan he was moving slowly on his own and making outside. Now he is walking much easier and no longer in pain. We could not be happier with your products and support! Dan and Karen, Fontana, CA
"We love Lifespan! Normally I don't provide product comments but we had to tell you how much of a difference the LifeSpan Dog Arthritis kit has helped our Miniature Dachshund developed chronic hip dysplasia and arthritis and was not doing well at all, regardless of the medications we put her on. We then tried your Enzymes and Liquid Supplement and we noticed a big change by the second week. She is now doing so much better and most of all she is pain free and happy again.... In fact my husband and I now take enzyme therapy for our arthritis, and we have also switched over to liquid multi vitamins due to their better absorption rate. Again, we could not be more satisfied. Kerry, High Springs, FL
"We can not begin to tell you what a difference your product has made for our Jack Russell, Jake. When he was diagnosed, our veterinarian put him on a dog arthritis treatment that was a prescription costing over $60 a month and did not work well at all. LifeSpan was recommended to us by our dog trainer and within 3 weeks Jake was jumping on our bed again and handling the stairs with ease. We is happier, more mobile and doing just great! Thanks you and thank you again for the wonderful product and support! Irene, San Francisco, CA
"........As you know we have been using your products for some time and just love them. It is so nice t know that there are good honest companies out there. Our Labradors both take Lifespan and they are running and jumping like they were 3! We've been giving it to them since they were 5 as a daily supplement, not just for dog arthritis. We love Evolution Pets......" Tammy and Connor, Lansing, MI.
"Our 12 year old Pekingese was not moving much and kept dropping to the floor when trying to walk or jump on her bed. Veterinarian told us it was canine hip dysplasia and progressive Osteoarthritis. On the advise of a local animal rescue group for older dogs we tried your products and now she is walking on her own, and even running in the yard. We have since read a lot about the benefits of enzymes for both humans and animals with arthritis and we definitely see the results! thank you so much....... George and Sharron, Indianapolis.
"Lifespan has helped our German Shepherd so much. He's now 11 and was having a hard time with stairs and walks. Since giving him Life Span Arthritis Treatment he has improved so much and definitely in less pain!......." Colleen, Charleston, SC
"Our Dachshund has shown such a great improvement since we put her on Lifespan. We had to write and say thanks. We can't begin to tell you how nice it is to see her be able to run in the yard again and easily handle stairs. Here arthritis seems so much more in control. We love Lifespan....." Laura and Brad, Boise.

LifeSpan Dog Arthritis Therapy Complete Kit

(Enzymes & Liquid Glucosamine) canine arthritis mobility

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LifeSpan Systemic Enzyme

Arthritis Supplement treating dog hip pain
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LifeSpan Liquid Glucosamine, MSM,

and Chondroitin Dog Arthritis Treatment treating dog hip pain
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The Perfect Compliment for Optimal Health!

The Only Omega Oil with CoQ10! hip pain and sore legs in dogs

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Our Guarantee:

hip dysplasia in dogs treatment
  • Unconditional Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason!
  • Safely, effectively relieve your pet's arthritis and joint pain
  • Repair damaged joints and tissue!
  • Restore your dog's mobility and pain free movement
  • Boost your dog's energy & vitality
  • Improve your dog's quality of life!
How Much Should I Order?
Best Value Option - 1 FREE Glucosamine
1 Enzyme Therapy & 3 Liquid Glucosamine!
4 to 12 month supply (based on dog's weight)
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1 Enzyme Therapy & 1 Liquid Glucosamine
2 to 6 month supply (based on dog's weight)
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1 LifeSpan Systemic Enzyme
3 to 6 month supply (based on dog's weight)
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1 LifeSpan Liquid Glucosamine, MSM, Chondroitin
2 to 6 month supply (based on dog's weight)
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More Information on LifeSpan and Dog Arthritis Treatment and Hip Dysplasia in Dogs!


  • If your pet needs serious relief from hip dysplasia in dogs, arthritis, or needs improved joint mobility, you have come to the right place. Can you imagine seeing your dog move again without pain and be able to enjoy life once again! That is exactly what thousands have experienced with LifeSpan.


    While aging is a normal process there are many cellular level activities in a dog’s body that play a big role in the speed and progression of degeneration which causes pain associated with dog arthritis and hip dysplasia. Just like humans, some people experience great pain as they get older, while others maintain an active lifestyle. A major reason why we all age differently is how quickly our body “breaks down” at the cellular level.

    As we’re sure you know, most pain and the inability to move easily as animals age is a result of degenerated, or insufficient lubrication and protection in the joints. This lubrication makes up the sacs of the joints, such as the Buras Sac. The enzymes in LifeSpan are absorbed in the body and immediately begin supporting the production and rebalancing of proper synovial fluid in the sacs. In essence the job of the enzymes is to help rebuild the sacs that provide spacing and cushion movement to provide comfort. The result is the ability to move joints freely with less pain. Tens of thousands pet owners have seen wonderful benefits with enzymes as they seek out a dog arthritis treatment option.

    The degenerative factors that are at work all the time are greatly increased when enzyme activity is lacking or deficient at these cellular (or enzyme) level. That is where LifeSpan comes in. Unlike many other supplements that prove to be a disappointment, LifeSpan is actually replenishes and rebalances the body of these enzymes that decrease in a dog’s body during the aging process. The result is a decrease of degeneration and less pain!

    Quicker Recovery After Surgeries and Illnesses
    LifeSpan and the enzymes it contains are also well known and prescribed to help dog’s (especially older ones) recover from wounds, surgeries, and illnesses much quicker with less risk. As discussed above, since enzymes work at the cellular level to repair tissue, joints, fluids, and muscle, they not only provide assistance around joints, but also provide the body the means to repair and heal much quicker. In fact many pet professionals use LifeSpan just for this purposes as well as helping to treat dog arthritis.


    Benefits to Working Dogs:
    Working dogs, such as police dogs, dogs for the blind, and rescue effort dogs are required to work long hours. Also, as these are special dogs, they tend to work well into the senior years. These dogs use LifeSpan to help maintain their needed mobility and live a pain free life In addition, the living enzymes also help maintain muscle mass, and cell health for overall optimal health. Hip Dysplasia in dogs is also a major health issue for working dogs and Lifespan also helps to protect against the effects of hip dysplasia and limited rear leg movement.

    Liquid LifeSpan and Nutrients with Glucosamine, MSM, & Chondroitin
    Supplements in pill and tablet form have a very low absorbtion rate and often provide limited benefit of the actual supplements, especially with respect to dog supplements containing Glucosamine, MSM, & Chondroitin. Dog arthritis treatment options range from prescription medications and drugs which can have damaging side effects, to low cost supplements that have little value. Liquid form supplements have shown far superior results for those looking for proven arthritis, and dog hip dysplasia treatment options. Remember to always us a safe, quality liquid supplement for maximum results. Also use Enzymes as they work at the cellular level to help reduce inflammation, control pain, and best care for dog arthritis pain.


  • ".....We have a beautiful Collie that has been with us for 9 years now. About six months ago she was diagnosed with canine arthritis and degenerative joint disease and was put on prescription NSAID medications. They had bad side effects and were very expensive. We then tried LifeSpan and it is working great. She has her pep back and is acting like she did before the pain started! We just wanted to tell you how appreciative we are!......"
    Amy and Larry, Lakewood, CO.
  • ".....When Patsy our Maltese was diagnosed with Canine Osteoarthritis we were devastated and not sure how to handle it, We put her on many supplements and tried so many things and it was just hard to tell if they were working. We found about about Lifespan and in the second week of using it Patsy was climbing the stairs again and jumping on the couch again. We highly recommend it as part of any ones arthritis remedy for dogs!...."
    Bridget, Washington DC
  • "......Lifespan does everything it says it will. We give it to our German Shepherd everyday and he is so active and healthy. He works with us outside and keeps very busy; he's 12 now and still running circles around us. We also give him the salmon oil as our veterinarian said it is a great product. Thanks!....."
    Ron - Dallas, TX.
  • ".....We have an 11 year old Kelpie who had bad canine hip dysplasia and could not move, sometimes even to eat. We started her on Lifespan enzymes and fish oil and here we are a month later and she is moving around and able to eat herself. She is also able to make it down a small flight of stairs to get outside. Really good remedy. Thank you. ....."
    Janet, San Francisco, CA
  • ".....We were looking for a natural, safe dog arthritis remedy and were told about Lifespan by our trainer. We have been using it now for about 5 months with our Poodle and the change is so nice. We were afraid to leave him alone as she could not get up on her own sometimes. She is now moving around and is much happier........"
    Kelly and Shane, Reno.
  • "........One a scale of 1 to 10, this stuff is a 10. We took our dog off of Glycoflex and put him on this stuff and the change is like day and night. His hip and leg movement is much better and his mobility in the yard is pain free. Good stuff!....."
    Jose, Manhattan Beach, CA

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  • Wondering if your pet has arthritis. Learn the Symptoms of dog arthritis.
The Perfect Compliment for Optimal Health!

The Only Omega Oil with CoQ10! best dog arthritis medicine

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General information on what is dog arthritis and some ways it may be treated.

Fish oil for arthritis in dogs also provides many benefits!