Stop Dogs Scratching with Oatmeal and Aloe-Vera Shampoo

By | Oct 1, 2010

So many dog’s today experience constant scratching and the reasons are broad. Perhaps the most common condition we see is good old fashioned dog scratching caused by dry skin. Perhaps a mild case of dandruff or dermatitis is also present. Another common cause of an itchy dog are skin allergies which cause excessive itching and scratching and and often include water eyes and other conditions. Regardless of the case a good dog shampoo with Aloe Vera, Oatmeal and Zinc will help relieve the dog scratching and most importantly moisturize the skin to prevent further dry skin problems.

Naturally the question arises – with all of the dog shampoo products on the market which one works the best. Well before we answer that let me first point out out that almost all dog shampoo sold in pet stores today is derived from health and beauty shampoo bases formulated and massed produced for humans. Obviously this is don for convenience and cost, but the problem is that these bases have ph levels different than that needs for a dog. Therefore the dog shampoo’s you are buying may not be able to properly moisturize the skin and coat simply because the ph level of the surfactants in it is not matched correctly. In fact tests on premium spa brand pet shampoos, or groomer brands also verify that these shampoos also have incorrect ph levels, and pretty strong surfactants, emulsifier agents, and preservatives. All of which are damaging to a dogs skin.

What is the Best Dog Shampoo for Dry Skin

So as a pet owner, how do you find a quality moisturizing dog shampoo that is effective, gentle and moisturizes the skin? Use HydraPlex Shampoo for Dogs from and you will be impressed. This shampoo is custom made in small batches weekly and is formulated just for dogs. Furthermore its #1 ingredient is Aloe Vera Juice (not water). That means that that high amounts of Aloe-Vera juice are able to penetrate and moisturize the skin, hair shaft, and follicle of your dog. The Shampoo also has a property ingredient Moisture-complex that helps bond the aloe to hair and skin, so it does not all simply wash off during the bath rinse!
the best pet shampoo for scratching
Now, what about the colloidal oatmeal in this dog shampoo? Colloidal Oatmeal has great healing and anti dog scratching properties and works wonderfully on dogs in conjunction with Aloe Vera. What separates the colloidal oatmeal in HydraPlex from pet product industry colloidal oatmeal is that it is all natural and organic – meaning it does not have chemicals and pesticides on it!

We also looked for a solution that shines the hair and coat after a bath

HydraPlex is an awesome dog shampoo and creates a brilliant shine and amazing looking dogs, not to mention it stops dog scratching. Try it you’ll like it (in fact evolutionsupply has an unconditional guarantee to prove its effectiveness)

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