Dog Lice and Mites Treatments

By | Mar 22, 2011

Treating Mites and Lice in Dogs

Mites and dog lice can cause various damages, most of them go deeper than the skin. The most common clinical signs of mites and dog lice infestation are severe itching, dryness of the coat and random bald patches. Dogs lice usually gather around the anus, shoulders, neck and ears so pet-owners should pay special attention to these areas when grooming their dogs. But they are a lot easier to spot than dog mites as they tend to stay on the skin.

There is a type of dog mites known as Sarcoptic mites which tend to dig into the dog’s skin and take lodging in their, making them almost impossible to see. Taking lodging inside the skin gives these pests more power to affect a dogs health in a not-so-pleasing way. First, they will cause an illness known as mange, which is characterized by small, hairless, red patches on a dog’s coat. This can eventually lead to scabies and extreme hair loss. Animal mites may also enter a the ears and cause bacterial infections compounded by more discomfort.

One effective way of diagnosing whether your pet has mites is through the Pinna-Pedal reflex. This is done by scratching a finger inside the dog’s ear, close to the top edge. If this action triggers the dog to do a scratching movement with its leg, then this could be an indication that the dog is infected with dog mites.

Mites and Lice on Pets – Testing

These invasive dog mites can more than just cause an unhealthy looking coat. Dogs can become uncomfortable, and eventually depressed due to this type of infestation. The constant scratching, biting, and crawling they have to do to attain a modicum of comfort can also lead to nervousness. It is not uncommon to see bizarre attitude changes on dogs infested by dog mites and dogs lice.

At the onset of suspicion, pet-owners should not waste time in taking their pet to a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment options. This should be done as soon as possible since some of the complications caused by dog mites may be contagious to humans, e.g., scabies. They may be prescribed medications, dips and medicated baths to treat for mites.

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ear mites and lice from pets

Dogs lice are easier to spot and easier to treat by natural means. They, however, multiply faster. Daily baths and lemon dips may get rid of adult lice, and daily brushing may eradicate their more stubborn eggs. There are two types of dogs lice that may infest dogs: biting lice and sucking lice, both of which can be taken care of with proper dog diet and hygiene.

Pests can never thrive in a clean environment, so the best way of treating mites and lice in dogs is to never give them any hope of surviving anywhere close to your dogs. Make sure to keep clean not only the environment, but also all the things that your pets come in contact with daily to help prevent dog lice and mites.

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