Protecting Dogs from bugs

How to protect dogs from mosquitoes?

Protecting your pet dogs from mosquitoes is important for ensuring protection from various mosquito born diseases. There are thousands of dog mosquito repellents available in the market. You can buy any of them for protecting your dogs. Some sprays are also available in the market for the same purpose. It is up to you which products will you prefer for your dog. The problem of mosquito bite is quite high in case of dogs; they suffer from tics and lice as well. Therefore the owner of the dog should take some steps to help their pets get a solution of this problem. Many dogs suffer from temporary sickness because of a mosquito bite.

The most famous and widely used product for protecting dogs from mosquito bites is K9 Advantix. This product has been very effective on dogs and thus has a high market value. It has been observed giving protection to dogs in five ways. It helps a dog by repelling ticks, lice and mosquitoes. It also protects the dog from other pests which affect the dog’s health. This product is absolutely water proof. Even if your dog jumps in water after putting this cream then it will not stop functioning. But one thing has to be assured that you will not be using any sort of detergent in that water. This is the only available product which is of multi purpose.

Its effectiveness can be justified because it contains two powerful and extremely effective substances. These substances are imidacloprid and permethrin. These substances work completely against parasites and pests and this is why they give such soothing effects. Products like these are the solution to your dog’s problems of mosquito bites. The mechanism of this product is such that both the substances compliment the functions of each other. These substances directly attacks the parasite’s nervous system thus paralyses them before killing.

Such products should be used on dogs for protecting them from mosquitoes. Other thing that can be done to protect the dog is to cover them with mosquito nets when they are sleeping. People prefer spraying mosquito sprays for killing all the mosquitoes but they also use special creams and sprays for providing extra protection form mosquito bites. Do not let any stagnant water clotting in or around your home.  Stagnant water gives rise to more mosquitoes. Don’t allow your dog to play in garden in the evening because during these hours more mosquitoes fly in the garden.

All these steps ensure protection from mosquitoes but except sprays and repellents nothing assures 100% protection. If your dog is allergic to a particular substance then before using any product on your dog consult its doctor once. Thus according to your dog’s requirements you can buy the product for protecting it against any bite. You should provide your dog with a complete diet which enhances its immunity system; this will keep your dog healthy for a long time. You can ask your dog’s doctor to give you complete knowledge on these details.

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