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The licking as well as scratching of dogs can frustrate the dog owners in trying to find out the cause behind this painful dog dry skin and itching.   Skin problems in dogs are not an uncommon phenomenon, despite trying your best to keep the dog free from ticks, pests and fleas to help guard against dog itchy skin.   It is a source of worry when your dog scratches and licks themselves all the time trying hard to get rid of the blazing commotion they feel. But by doing this they make things even worse for them, so it may be best to do more research and possibly a trip to the vet.   Also, be sure to consider all causes of your dog skin problems and scratching and dry and itchy skin; it may be poor quality shampoo, an allergy, lack of minerals and vitamins, poor dog food, need for Omega-3, or perhaps a need for oils on the dogs coat.   

Skin Problems and Dog Itchy Skin Remedies and Treatments with Medicated Shampoo

Subsequent to carefully look at the skin of the dog, a vet can come to the conclusion what is the exact problem that your dog is facing with respect to the itchy skin. The possibilities of dog skin problems that your dog might be facing can also be parasites, which cause itching as well as scratching in dogs. There are several kinds of pests that can cause problem to your dogs such as dogs scratching and dog dermatitis, , but  mostly they are ticks and fleas. It could be easily found in the skin of the dog closely looking at the skin and rubbing to look for (or feel for) a lump;  or by seeking for feces of the flea in the dog’s fur.   You can also sometimes see fleas and ticks jumping around on the dog.   Also, look for fleas and ticks inside the house and on furniture.    Lastly if humans living in the house have flea or tick bites on them (typically near the ankle and lower leg) then chances are good your dog has them as well.   But other parasites are hid deep in the hair and are invisible to the naked human eye. These parasites cause dog skin problems and even mange if left untreated. In such a case, the vet has to perform a quick, as well as cost effective procedure, of scraping to determine if any pests are at hand. The parasites that are commonly found in the dogs are scabies, cheyletiella mites, along with ear mites that multiply on the various different parts of the dog’s body.

Allergies are another common causes for dog dry and itchy skin and irritation, causing rashes on the skin of the dog. Once the cause for the scratchiness in the dog’s skin has been detected, in the bed, pillow, of the dog or the place where they sleep, then the organism can be removed easily far from the dog’s reach.

Another prominent cause for dry and itchy skin in dogs is a fungal infection. Ringworm as well as yeast infections are fungal infections that affect the dog itchy skin. These micro-organisms not only affect the body of the dog, but also affect the other pets as well as the human members of the family. The fungal infection constantly irritates from the moment the lesion is formed on the body, which look painful.

In case your dog is suffering from any of the skin diseases or dog dry skin, you can give relief to the pain and itchiness of you dog by consulting the vet as soon as possible.

Remember a daily vitamin and Omega-3 works wonders on dogs skin problems and the coat, as well as their overall health; in particular helping control your dog dry and itchy skin.   In fact 3 out of 4 pet owners give their loved ones a daily vitamins and supplements.


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