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All Natural Treatment for Dog Seizures and Epilepsy

Treating Dog Seizures Naturally. Seizures leave your pet tired and weak because of the movement and jerks they make during the episodes. Sometimes your pet may not move its body at all while sometimes it makes moves involving only parts of its body. Dog seizures can happen more than once in a day depending on the extent of damage caused in the pet's body. Pets can get dog seizures due to injuries and growth in their brains. Toxins in the body caused by kidney failure can also give your pet seizures.


Here are some of the ways you can use to treat seizures in dogs naturally:

• Vitamins: Some dogs are affected by seizures when their bodies lack vitamins. You should get vitamin supplements to suppress the fits. Even humans suffer from seizures when their bodies lack vitamins. The use of vitamins will help improve the health of your pet

. • Diet change: You need to check the food that you give your pet everyday. Some of the foods can cause an allergic reaction to your pet. An elimination diet can help you identify the foods which cause seizures in your pet. There are commercial foods which are hypo allergenic and contain no preservatives. They can help you treat seizures in your pet. Also make sure that if you decide to make food for your pet at home, it should be a balanced diet.

• Environmental pollutants: If your pet suffers from seizures and epileptic attacks, you should keep it in a clean environment. Do not use anything which pollutes the air. Most of the chemicals used in various ways at home can trigger seizures in dogs. Do not use strong pesticides for your garden and flowers. Some of the air fresheners and cleaning detergents are also bad if your pet is allergic to chemicals. Try to use friendly pesticides and soaps in your home. Give your pet pure drinking water which does not contain fluoride or chlorine.

• Applying ice: The use of ice can help to shorten the epileptic episodes. You need to hold an ice pack on the mid-section of the pets back. Hold it until the episode is over. You should prepare the bag before the seizure occurs. This ensures that you administer the treatment on time. You also use the ice to stop an episode.

• Fatty acids: You should give your dog salmon oil every day. This ensures that your pet remains healthy. Other oils like flax seed and primrose also give your pet fatty acids which are essential for your pet's health.

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• Sugary foods: A seizure makes your pet get low sugar levels in its blood. You need to boost it by giving it things like honey or any other sweet foods. If you leave it without replacing sugar in its body, it will suffer another fit.


It is also very important to know what to do during a dog's seizure.


• Passion flower: This flower is good when you want calm a stressed pet down. By reducing anxiety and stress in your home, you can reduce chances of any seizures. Passionflower drops are available in health food and drug stores.

Hopefully this sheds some light on dog seizure treatment options to help keep your pet healthy!

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