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Dog Dry Skin and Mange in Dogs?

Mange is a type of parasitic infestation that happens in the skin of the animals. The similar infestation in the skin of man is called as demodicosis and it causes skin irritations and dog dry skin. Mange is most commonly found in the dogs. It is generally referred as dog mange. The mites live in the dog’s hair follicles and in the skin (differ because of the type of mites). It is hard to detect the infestation as well as the treatment is also difficult. It is important to consult a veterinarian. In rare cases, when the mange is in advanced level it sucks the blood of the animal.

The Symptoms of the mange:

The following are the symptoms that can be seen in the infected dog.

Itchiness: The dogs will scratch themselves a lot due to itchiness as well as always havibg dog dry skin. It is one of most common symptoms. When they scratch so much, their skin will have many red sores. This means that the problem is complicated.

Loss of hair: The mites burrow themselves into the body parts and affect the dog. In those parts, there will be a greater loss of hair and those parts will show the red sores. It means it is affected by dog mange. A quality dog shampoo can also help cure dog mange.

Dryness: When due to hair loss, the skin of the dog is exposed and we will have to check it. If there is extreme dryness and wrinkles, then it means that your dog is affected due to mange and you will see quite a bot of dogs dry skin.   

Odor:  As the mites infect them so much, there will be itchiness in a greater scale. This will make the mites to spread and the odor of the dog changes. The odor will be similar to athlete’s foot.

Sores: There are sores and redness all over the body. There are also blisters in the skin. These are symptoms of the mange. At this point, it is best to take your dog to the veterinarian doctor and have mange treatment.

Treatment of dog dry skin and mange:

The treatments of the mange are discussed here.

The mange treatment is given when the dogs have the mange infestation. The veterinary doctor gives the first aid and treats the mange. The mange is easily curable. If it is not cured by ordinary treatments, then the doctor chooses some types of aggressive treatments. The treatment has weekly injections. The injections are of Ivermectin and it has to be given for 4 weeks. The Shetland sheep dogs and the old English dogs do not tolerate this type of injection. These types of dogs are given multiple dips of the insecticides sulfur and the paramite in the affected the areas. The veterinary doctor also prescribes some shampoos for controlling the dandruff and dog dry skin. Cortisone is one of the dandruff relief shampoos. It lessens the itchiness.

Prevention of the mange:

Some of the ways in which the mange can be prevented are listed below.

Feed your dog with a healthy diet to ensue its proper maintenance of health. The diet should be rich in fiber as well as vitamin content. The fiber and vitamin will help the dogs to improve their immune system.

Thanks for reading about dog mange.

Thank you for reading about mange and dog dry skin

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