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Dog Rash - How to Treat

Dog Rashes – How to Treat Them

Imagine having some rashes on your skin. How would you feel? They are very itchy and you can’t resist to stop scratching. It’s very uncomfortable that you want to end your agony soon. This is also how dogs feel if they have dog rashes. They are uncomfortable and want to just scratch, lick, and bite the zone where the rashes are. If you don’t treat a dog rashes, it may result to a bigger problem that will cost you more than if you treated your dog immediately. You can’t also stand seeing your dog in agony, right?

Dog rashes are sometimes hard to diagnose. They can be tricky at times because some rashes don’t look like the others. Treating rashes has also a little success because most of the dog owners don’t know what the dog rash looks like and some owners will just treat them according to their instincts and own beliefs. Treating the rashes with incorrect treatments will do no good and can give further skin damage to the dog. You should know the cause/s of the dog rashes first before you treat them to ensure that you are treating and giving the correct treatments.

There are also many reasons why a dog rash can occur. The most common cause of a dog rash is allergy. Just like humans, dogs can have allergies too. The allergies may come from different allergens so you need to know what your dog is allergic to. Non-exposure to allergens will prevent allergic reactions. Another cause is a yeast infection. In dogs, there are friendly bacteria that keep the body safe from harmful bacteria. This is called the Candida Albicans that can be normally found in the intestinal tracts. The Albicans can decrease in number if the immune system of the dog is weak. This causes the Albicans to be transformed into fungal form that further causes infection.

Flea bites can also cause rashes. It is known that fleas can be anywhere. So the best way to prevent this is to create a flea-free environment by using products that kill fleas. Be sure that the product is safe for animals and humans so that your pets and your family will not suffer. So how would you treat a dog rash? There are natural treatments to casues of rashes on dogs that you can do to ease the itch and the rashes on your dog. Be reminded that you should be sure about the causes of the dog rashes before you treat your dog so that there will be no further harm that can happen. There are also medications that are prescribed by doctors if the rashes are very serious. Remember that if you are not sure, it is best to consult a veterinarian so he or she can advise you on how to treat your dog.

As for the natural treatments for a dog rash, aloe-vera, oatmeal, and tea tree oil are the common treatments to ease the itch. They are usually found in shampoos so you might consider trying to change your dog shampoo and replace it with something that has these ingredients. Tea tree oil can also be helpful in the healing process of the skin. Allergies can be cured by using antihistamines, steroid treatments, and immunotherapy. You can ask a veterinarian what products you can use to stop the allergies. It is also important that you ensure that your dog is not exposed to allergens.

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