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Dogs Dandruff Treatment Options | What is canine dandruff?

Flaking and itching in dogs is very common, especially short haired breeds. Many times the issue is not just dry skin, but dog dandruff is also at play. So what is the difference between dandruff and good old fashioned dog dry kin? Well dandruff when skin cells reproduce, which is completely natural. As the new skin cells form, the old, dead skin cells are forced to the outer surface of the dog’s skin. As these old cells form on the outer surface they flake off causing dogs dandruff. The correct medical name for dandruff on dogs is Canine Pityriasis Capitis.

A small amount of dandruff will always occur and should not alarm for cause. If however you notice excessive dog dandruff or flaking there may be a skin or gland problem that needs to be taken care of. Canine Seborrheic Dermatitis is a more severe dog skin condition which causes not only excessive build up, but also inflamed skin (dogs skin irritation.) When puppies have this, it is referred to as puppy dandruff.

So, how do you tell if your pet is experiencing dogs seborrheic dermatitis, or common dandruff that should be treated? If you notice 2 or more of the following the dandruff should be treated:

  • 1. Your dog is scratching quite a lot
  • 2. You notice excessive flaking and white dander on your dog, that does not go away after an hour. Let me explain this one: when dogs get nervous one place they show it is on their skin and coat in the form of small white dander. This dander will go away in a few hours if it is caused by temporary anxiety, fear or nerves.
  • 3. You notice skin irritations or even dog hot spots
  • 4. Your dog is biting his hind quarters often and you notice dry skin in that area
  • 5. You notice oily patches, or what looks like a buildup of oily dead skin cells.
  • 6. The dandruff looks more like crust than ordinary flaking

If you notice one of these, chances are you should use a dog dandruff treatment option. So how do we go about treating dogs dandruff? First, let me say that if you notice hot spots that seem severe, or a skin problem that looks like more serious, make a visit to your veterinarian as well to be safe along with your dog dandruff treatment. Now, we recommend using a medicated dog shampoo that is formulated just for animals. One with a base of oatmeal and aloe vera will have a perfect ph balance and provide great moisturizing relief. As far as the medication in the shampoo, the best for a dog is zinc-pca as it is very effective at regulating dandruff and oil production, at the same time it is not too harsh for a dogs skin which is very different than that of a humans. Never use a human’s dandruff shampoo or coal tar. As dog dandruff is a constant reoccurring condition, as the skin turns itself over, it is also important to give your dog a daily supplement of digestive enzymes which will help rebalance the dogs skin so that it does not replace cells at an excessive rate.

So by using a quality dog dandruff treatment medicated shampoo, as well as digestive enzymes you will be on the road to beautiful and healthy looking dog that is pain free! With the dogs shampoo you should see results within 2 bathes. The enzymes will show a noticeable difference in 3-weeks time. With the enzymes you will also notice an overall improvement in the health and mood of your dog!

Thank you for reading about dog dandruff treatment options!

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