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Treating Dogs Dandruff with Home Remedies Dog dandruff is a common issue of home pets and almost all canines suffer from this problem at least once or twice in lifetime. The condition deteriorates and can eventually cause problems like eczema and others if left untreated. So, dog dandruff treatment is very important if you find your pet suffering from dandruff.

Besides using the dog dandruff products like shampoos, oils and other such skin care ointments you can also try some home remedies for pet dandruff. Such home dogs dandruff treatments usually don’t cost you too much and you can find ingredients around to treat the dandruff in your loving pets. Remember that our normal hair dandruff problems are quite similar to dog dandruff so basically the care you take for your hair dandruff, the pet too needs such care.

The following are few home dog dandruff treatment options that you can apply without much difficulty. Dandruff treatment using Fenugreek Seeds: Fenugreek seeds are effective treatment for dandruff. Soak two to three cups of fenugreek seeds overnight and make a paste of the soaked seeds. Apply the paste on the skin of your pet and leave like that for an hour or so. Now wash off the pet thoroughly with acacia concinna solution or simply cold water.

Dandruff treatment using Lime: Lime is one effective home remedy used for treating dandruff and this can also be used for pets. You can use lime juice mixed in water to rinse the skin hair of your pet after using dog dandruff shampoo to protect the skin from infections and micro attacks. It also leaves the hair of your pet silky and soft. Because vitamin C is one good element for skin and you cannot administer vitamin C directly in their food, such treatment with lime can provide some amount of protection from infection.

Dog Dandruff treatment using Beet: Boil beet tops and roots on a pan of water or big saucepan. Keep the water aside till it becomes cold. Now use the cold water to rinse off the skin of the dog everyday for at least 15 days. This will help you treat dandruff quite easily and make the skin healthy.

Nutrition Care at Home: You must take care of your dog’s food habits. If you are providing him excessive dry food and processed outside in the market, stop them and provide something that can give hydration to skin and reduce the dryness. As long as dryness prevails in the skin, the dandruff issue will remain active.

Use Essential Oils and Natural Moisturizers: You can find essential oils for dog dandruff treatment at home over the internet and general stores nearby you. Besides the essential oils you can use natural or herbal moisturizers that are specially made to deal with the dog dandruff issues.

Cider Vinegar for Dog Dandruff: Dilute apple cider vinegar with equal amounts of water in it and apply it on the skin of your pet with the help of cotton dabs or soft cloth. This treatment is effective in treating dandruff and also protecting the skin from any kind of infection.

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