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How to tell if your pet is an Alpha Dog

Dogs are wonderful pets. How to tell if you have an Alpha Dog?They are not only lovable and faithful, but they also become an integral part of the family. The bonds with the pet dogs grow close and the family shares an emotional attachment with their pet dogs. But if you are planning to keep a pet dog, you must keep in mind that your dogs must be properly trained and groomed as per the characteristics that it exhibits.
Dogs are generally pack animals. They tend to be in packs and follow the leader. Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabets. Hence, an alpha dog means the most dominant and important dog in a pack. Before the alpha dog, other members of the pack bow down and follow it in every action. There can be an alpha male dog and alpha female dog as well in a pack.
These pets must rule with an iron fist. They are also given the first rights in breeding with females and in eating. The male as well the female dog exhibits confidence in their posture and their body position. Through their body positions, their facial expressions and actions like nip or snarls at the other members of their pack, they maintain control over them. So when you have a dog at home, you need to understand the animal’s instinct to comprehend its nature. If you can grasp its instinctual pack organization, it will help you in providing the right training to groom them.
When your dog is the sole pet at home, it is important for you to make it understand that you are the “alpha dog”, and not him. This is very crucial for training the dog. Because if this is not implemented and executed properly, then your dog will display unwanted behaviour and move around like the boss of the house. To avoid this, you need to convince your dog that he is not the leader, but you are, and it needs to behave just like a subordinate obeying your orders.
At home, your family is the pack for the dog, and you need to make it clear to your dog about your alpha position. Else, it will try to do so as a natural behaviour. When this happens, your dog will start exhibiting behaviours like disobeying commands, biting, snarling, or dangerously guarding its food, refusing to be walked by the owners. To avoid this, practice some leadership exercises with your dog. Make stern eye contact, make low growls until they settle down and become submissive. Remember, to control your dog, you must first become the pact leader; or else you won’t be able to control it.
However, not all things are bad about the alpha dogs; in fact once trained they make trhe best pets! They are pretty smart. Since they tend to be in the alpha position, they are physically strong and can be the leader of a pack in a wild setting. So, you must provide the appropriate training to your dog and make it accept your handling as your subordinate. \

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