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Dog Cancer Awarness

Evolution Pet Supply Helps Support Pet Cancer Awareness Month Exclusive Offers
ATLANTA, GA  May 8th 2013

Evolution Pet Supply is very pleased to support and celebrate Pet Cancer Month by promoting awareness of canine cancer; as well as screening and prevention tips that pet owners can use to help identify potential signs of cancer.

“We care deeply for dogs and are committed to reducing the cases of cancer in domestic  pets.  Unfortunately, one reason so many dogs and cats are diagnosed with cancer is that pet owners are not familiar with  early detection and prevention measures.”, said Bill Beckett, President at Evolution Pet Supply.   To coincide with Pet Cancer Awareness, Evolution Pets is offering a special 25% discount as an exclusive discount.  To take advantage of this offer, enter code AWARNESS at checkout.

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You can join the Pet Cancer Awareness Month by helping to raise awareness and learning how to detect possible warning signs of pre stage cancer on dogs and cats.  About half of dogs over  10-years of age develop cancer.  To help reduce this number, here are some things pet owners can do to detect pet cancer:

  • Look for skin issues like dry skin and balding on spots that may look like a tumor or small bump.  If you notice dog dry skin issues, look very closely for bumps, or raised hot spots, as tumors may be developing.
  • Abnormal bleeding, either internally or externally
  • Enlarge lymph nodes, swelling, or other tumor like signs anywhere on the body

These are the classic signs.  The best prevention tip is to visit your veterinarian regularly and spend time discussing your specific dog to learn specific detection tips your veterinarian recommends.

Evolution Pet Supply
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