Natural Pet Remedies for Dog Skin Problems, Hot Spots, Dandruff, and Dog Seizures.

Did you know that over 90% of all dogs suffer from zinc deficiencies which causes itching scratching, hot spots, and a host of other serious dog skin problems. Thousands of pet owners have seen the results, you can to - GUARANTEED!


Looking for a proven and trusted supplement to help guard against Dog Seizures or Arthritis in Dogs? Our Enzymes and Supplements have helped thousands of pet owners! satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

  • "We tried everything else! Your stuff works great for dog skin problems!"

    Jim Sanders, NY
  • “Love your Omega 3 Salmon Oil!!!! it gave our 3 dogs such a great shine!!!! You rock!”
    Josephine, CA
  • "..... We can't tell you how happy we are with your dog enzymes. We tried so many different products with no luck. Your kit cured our dogs dandruff and scratching completely within 3 months. Even in the winter there was no dry itchy skin. I can tell other pet owners that the Renuplex approach works and works great. Also, we love the smell and shine that your shampoo for dogs leaves! Thanks so much.
    Ben J. – Tarrytown, NY

  • "EvolutionPets are the Best"

    We just wanted to let you know what a great group of people you all are! You've helped us so many times with our dog's problems and have always delivered on your products. Bonnie in customer service is simply the best. Recently you helped us with our oldest dog who is developing arthritis and canine hip dysplasia and LifeSpan is doing a wonderful job and making her days much more enjoyable and easier. It's good to know that companies still exist that provide quality and stand behind it.
    Lisa & George, Scottsdale AZ

  • WOW, dogs eczema and itchy skin is healed finally........"

    it was amazing how quickly the eczema and itchy dog skin healed once we began using your enzymes and medicated shampoo with zinc. I normally don't write thank you letters but I had to this time. you made one pet happy again (and I can sleep at night now that I don't hear that annoying dog scratching and paw licking at midnight anymore!).

    –Shirley, Columbus, OH

  • "Love the Hot Spot Cream!"

    Just wanted to let you know how much we loved your Hot Spot Healing Cream! Our dog developed terrible hot spots and eczema in the summer and would scratch his fur off. The cream and shampoo worked just a promised. Really love your stuff!
    Tommy, Fresno, CA

  • "You did it again!"

    We use SkinPlex Digestive Enzymes all the time and they work great! Just recently tried ClearPlex to clear up some pimples on our English Bulldog and it worked super! You make the best pet products hands down!
    Joyce and Bob, Lake Worth, FL
  • "LifeSpan Salmon Oil is Great"

    We started giving our dog LifeSpan Salmon Oil for her hip and leg pain and she has reacted just wonderfully. She's been running and playful, much like she was a few years back. We also know here pain is gone because she's jumping up on our bed again! Thank you so much for helping us select the best product.
    Linda and Don, Boston, MA.

  • "Our Water Spaniel had the worst dog skin problems and mange and it was cured within 2 weeks time with the RenuPlex Complete Kit. It is amazing how much better he is and the mange and bald spots are all gone. Cant go wrong with this kit!"......David, Madison, WI

  • "I am in LOVE with your HydraPLEX more dog shedding."

    I am in love with your HydraPlex Dog Shampoo. No more dog shedding, or dog dry skin. We give the enzymes daily and not only are the skin irritations gone but his mood & health is so much better – like a puppy again. We've also notice that he is no longer constipated and he is able to run up stairs he hasn't been able to do so in 2 years.

    Thanks again Evolution Pet Supply! PS – our Veterinarian is now selling your products.

    Lori. Oakland, CA
  • "My dog Winter was prone to hot spots until I started using SkinPlex PLUS every day. It works! I showed it to my vet and he said that he never heard of it but if it's working keep adding it to his food daily. He also said that the ingredients are nutritional. I've been adding it to his food every day.  

    "......Ray, GA

  • "Could not be happier with LifeSpan Salmon Oil. Our dog loves it and it has done such a nice job on his coat.

    Great Products and the best service." Cheryl, Mn

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"I've seen hundreds of pet products, ... Evolution Pets is simply the best at treating dogs itchy skin"
Again Voted Best Dog Shampoo for Skin Problems & Medicated Dog Shampoo!!
"...You have the best pet products! Thanks so much for the great customer support!...."
RESULTS ARE PROVEN. So many happy and returning pet owners.
GUARANTEED TO WORK: finally put an end to expensive pet products that don't do what they claim to do. We will end your dogs scratching, dog dandruff, eczema, dermatitis, and even extreme cases of hot spots, dog rash, and candida yeast infection.
Our products are formulated with zinc to heal the skin and coat from the inside and outside.
Our dog shampoos also contain proven essential oils to include Omega 3 and Omega 6, healing ingredients, and anti bacterial properties.
Our enzymes are the only ones formulated with Zinc Complex to replenish your dog's zinc levels.
Our puppy came home with Sarcoptic Mange and your Mange Complete Healing Kit did a great job. All the mites and scabies were gone within a few days. Great products!
Have a problem with dog seizures? Try SeizureGuard, it will help keep your dog healthy and extend his/her life! It is designed to limit the frequency of canine seizures and most importantly help a dog recover quicker from attacks. Epilepsy in dogs is not curable but it is sure manageable.
"We just love SkinPlex, thank you so much!!..."

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